Astronauts in Scotland

Walk With Destiny's Apollo Guests

Walk with Destiny have brought three Apollo astronauts to Scotland. The astronauts attended public events in Glasgow and school events in Airdrie as well as many smaller private events promoting education and space.




9 - 10th September 2010

Charlie Duke
Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot
(April 16 -April 27, 1972)
10th man to walk on the moon.

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20 - 21st May 2011

Al Worden
Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot 
(July 26 -August 7, 1971)
The first mission to include a lunar rover 


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17th October 2012

Dick Gordon
Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot 
(Nov 14 - Nov 24, 1969)
First pinpoint lunar landing.
Gemini XI Pilot 
(September 12 - 15, 1966)
performed the first-ever direct-ascent (first orbit) rendezvous with an Agena Target Vehicle,

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