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Moonwalker Visits Glasgow

In September 2010 Brigadier General Charlie Duke , the 10th man to walk on the Moon landed in Glasgow

He appeared at Glasgow Caledonian University where he thrilled an audience of over 400 people from accross the UK and Europe with stories of his adventures at NASA and his many adventures on the Moon as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 16.


A Question and answer session followed and after a massive show of appreciation from the delighted audience, there was an opportunity for everyone to meet Charlie in person and receive an autograph.

Charlie and Walk With Destiny founder Aileen Malone

Glasgow Caledonian University
Charlie was also Walk with Destiny's guest of honour at a dinner in the four star Glasgow Marriot Hotel.

With our very own red carpet entrance to the drink reception there was plenty of time for Charlie to meet and greet all the guests. There was an opportunity to have souvenir photographs taken and signed and Charlie had brought along copies of his books and DVDs to sell and was happy to sign them.

After a fantastic dinner, chosen by Charlie himself, the after dinner entertainment kicked off with an engaging speech from David W Woods, author of the highly acclaimed book 'How Apollo Flew to the Moon'. 


This led to the highlight of the evening. Charlie was cheered as he stood up to give his hugely entertaining after dinner talk. 

Glasgow Marriott Hotel

In Partnership with Airdrie Astronomical Association, Charlie Duke spoke to over 700 school children ages 12-16 on his visit to Scotland.

The children gathered in New Wellwynd Parish Church, a venue that holds 750 people. His mission was to inspire them and motivate them to work hard and choose their own destiny.

Charlie talked with the young people, showing film of his historic adventures on the moon and answered many of their questions. Showing them science in action, he explained how working hard at science, maths and technology led him to have an amazing career. He explained how they can choose a different path from those around them and reach their own goals whatever their interest is.  
His inspiring presentation encouraged the children to reach the highest levels of achievement as successful and confident individuals.


New Wellwynd Church, Airdrie

Charlie with Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire Gilbert Cox and minister of New Wellwynd Parish Church Robbie Hamilton.

It was truly a weekend to remember. All of those lucky enough to attend had an experience that was amazingly special and will be remembered for a long time.




Just a short note to say thanks for organising such a momentous evening as last night's presentation and opportunity to meet Charlie.

 I have been a long admirer of the Apollo programme, and to get the chance to share an evening with one of the few was "fantastic"!

 My wife and 7 year old son were also captivated.

 Congratulations for the imagination and effort in organising such a wonderful event.

 Thanks again,



I just wanted to thank you again, most sincerely for organising such a great evening at the Marriott Hotel last night. It was a truly memorable occasion and, like me, I am sure that all who attended are still on a 'high' from the event today!


Many congratulations



Hi everyone, had a great night at the Charlie Duke dinner last night and just wanted to say thanks. 


I think the Walk with Destiny programme is a wonderful idea and hope that last nights donations help to get the message to more kiddies that if you can dream it you can do it 


Well done 


The evening ran more smoothly than a fine watch with every detail having been obviously very carefully considered by yourself in advance of the event.


I know that I will treasure the memory of the evening for a long time to come and have a wonderful photograph, an autographed book and the beautiful canvas print from the raffle to treasure and show to family and friends helping to pass on the Apollo legacy to future generations.


Thank you again,



May I take this opportunity to thank you and everyone else involved in bringing Charlie Duke to Glasgow.  It was a superb evening and one that went in too quickly. 


You should all be rightly proud of how this event attracted such a large audience and it portrayed you, Glasgow and the rest of your team in a very good light.  


Thanks for a terrific night; you deserve so much credit for an outstanding evening.

Count me in for any future events!!


Kind regards



Just a quick note to say many thanks to you and your team for organising the Charlie Duke evening. It was a splendid event and I must say that I enjoyed the evening.


I found Mr Duke to be a real gentleman and an Ambassador for Space Programmes, both past and present.

Two handshakes, one autographed Apollo 16 photo and the photo op with Mr Duke made for a truly great night.


Once again, many thanks


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