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Space Flight Pioneer lands in Glasgow

For 40th anniversary of the last Moon landing

Dick Gordon in his space suit

A pioneering Gemini pilot performing one of USA's early space walks that paved the way to future success in the race to the Moon, Dick Gordon also became one of only 24 men ever to make the journey from Earth to the Moon, surviving a lightning strike on launch of his Apollo 12 flight. In October 2012, the 40th anniversary year of the last moon landing, he travelled to Scotland to share the tales of his adventures.

Dick Gordon Visiting Airdrie Observatory
Starting the day off in Blackfriars in Merchant City, 
Dick took questions from the audience in an up close and personal Q & A session.

"My personal favourite memory is at Blackfriars when one of the children asked him what was “his scariest moment” in his career and he looked us all in the eye and said that he never had any – what a man!" -  Gavin

"Thank you very, very much for a fabulous day on Wednesday. The morning question and answer session was absolutely fabulous and the evening lecture was equally fantastic" - Jenny

"Just wanted to drop you a short email to say thanks for organising yesterday's events with Capt Gordon. I had a brilliant time and was even better to be able to ask him a question at the morning session. I'm so glad I booked for both events as the more intimate morning session was really good." - Mark

We had Lunch in the Bon Accord
- Winner of Scottish Malt Whisky Bar of the Year 2012

Thanks to Bon Accord Glasgow, for sponsoring Captain Gordon's trip to Scotland. A Great wee pub situated in the Charing Cross area of Glasgow with a huge collection of fine malts, real ales and excellent food.

Paul, the owner of Bon Accord presetns Captain Gordon with a bottle of whisky. 

"I just wanted to say thank you for organising yesterday’s events.

I had an absolutely brilliant day and I haven’t come down from orbit since the lunch." - Maggie

" Thank you for a wonderful day. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again for making dreams come true." - Barry

"Thanks again for a truly memorable day with Dick Gordon yesterday.  Dick as ever, provided a very good insight into NASA's space programme; he engaged the audience as only he can with his extremely friendly and considerate manner. He is a great ambassador for the U.S Space Programme and was a superb guest. Thanks again for great day." - Tom


In the evening Captain Gordon spoke to hundreds of space fans at Glasgow Caledonian University, sharing his stories of his life and career at NASA.


With short videos on both his Gemini and Apollo missions the audience enjoyed Dick's story, covering the moment Apollo 12 was struck by lightning, the problems he encountered on his difficult Gemini spacewalk and his relationship with the other astronauts.


After talking for over an hour there was a short Q & A session before Dick signed a complimentary autograph for everyone in attendance.

"Just to say thanks for last night's event with Richard Gordon.We thoroughly enjoyed it and Richard's talk was excellent. He looked genuinely knocked out by the occasion and the warm enthusiasm and affection of the crowd, and he was obviously taken with his young escorts. Thanks for organising these talks and for giving us the chance to see these heroes in the flesh. The events will long be remembered and appreciated by the people who attend them." 

"Well what a great night that was !! Richard was on top form and gave us a fantastic insight into his experience."

-  Stuart

"I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team for a great well organised night on Wednesday night. My kids (and myself) found it very interesting with Dick Gordon recalling his experiences in the space program."

- Ray

Thanks to Tunnocks and Glasgow Taxis Walk with Destiny was able to provide free places to Airdrie Girls Brigade and Boy Scouts.

Authors W David Woods and David Harland were on hand to sign copies of their books.

"Congratulations on yet another triumph. Well organised and well attended with an astronaut guest that you felt you could sit down and talk to all night. The time just flew in.  The combination of David Woods beforehand and the real Cpt.Gordon was brilliant.  Thanks again,"

- Calum.

"Well done on another great night with one of the Apollo legends.  It was great to hear Captain Gordon speak about his Gemini and Apollo missions - his first hand recollections really brought to life the adventures I've only read about or seen on dvd. My photograph with the Captain at the framers already."

- Donald

"Just a great big THANK YOU for an amazing night with Dick Gordon . This was my first "Astronaut Encounter" organised by you and the WWD Team.  How you kept the price so low beats me, however it did the trick and it was a Full House. You could see just how enthused Dick Gordon was and he even thanked you for giving him the chance to tell it one more time and I for one was just enthralled. Please keep up the amazing work you do and thank you again."

- Arthur

Captain Gordon

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